This months news…. unemployed (again)

The big news this month is that I have left my job at the school, basically I was really enjoying working there but at the start of this school year the vice-principle changed my timetable which meant that I would have 14 lessons a week with one of the teachers I really don’t like working with…. so I handed in my notice the next day. Life is just too short to mess around doing things you hate if it’s avoidable.  I was also pretty shaken up at the time by the death of a friend I was very close to at university which also helped the decision. The kids at the school gave me a nice send off and wrote me cards, they all asked me to sign their pencases, books etc. after the last lesson which was also nice.

So what have I been up to, well job hunting mostly, I had one interview via telephone for a job in Swansea (South Wales), but it didn’t go well. I was actually lucky to get that interview, most UK companies are very reluctant to interview anyone by Skype, Facetime etc. I would like to find a job back in the UK, but I’m also starting to remember Australia with good thoughts.

I’ve had a couple of weddings at the chapel which brings in a little money and it looks like I will have a  few more next month. I’m also of course walking with Satchi everyday which she appreciates and am playing a unhealthy amount of video games.

Haven’t done a great deal of travelling lately but I have visited Tokyo and a small onsen town called Ikaho a couple of times, it’s very beautiful and only one and a half hours drive from Takasaki.


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I'm an English teacher living in Japan, 7 years and counting.
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