Back to School

I’ve decided to stay on at the school where I have been working in Isesaki for another year. Basically the company I was working for were struggling to find teachers so I could negotiate a bit of a pay rise (20%). My hours have also changed quite a lot, I now start at 9am and finish at 15:45. The hours are part time by Japanese standards, but really I prefer to start early and finish early. Also I only have 16 lessons per week in the classroom, 4 less than last year, which will take some of the pressure off, I was feeling very tired towards to end of the last school year. Getting up at 5.30am every morning was really taking it out of me.

The exciting news is I have bought a car, it’s a little 660cc Suzuki Alto. Very economical bout 20 km/l or 50 mpg.  The best thing is I can leave for work at 8am and be home by 4.30pm. The journey time is about 45minutes which gives me time to enjoy listening to a podcast or too or the UK radio which I can get though live streaming on my iPhone.

The other news is that last week I started Japanese lessons again. My teachers name is Yamaguchi-sensei and the lessons are 1 1/2 hours every Tuesday. I hope to study for the Japanese Language Proficincy Test (JLPT) level 4 this year. There is also supposed to be another English person in my group she have only been in Japan for one week. But because of a mix up with lesson times last week I did’nt get to meet her.

That’s about it, we have been getting a few big earthquakes again over the last couple of days. I’m hoping that they stop soon, it’s not doing much for my nerves, I’ve had at least one earthquake related nightmare.


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I'm an English teacher living in Japan, 7 years and counting.
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  1. Strangely enough the week after I had agreed to continue at Isesaki the Takasaki board of education contacted me to offer me the job they had previously interviewed me for ….. unfortunately it was a little late.

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