One Year!

Well it’s one year since I arrived in Australia, so may be its a time to reflect on the last 12 months and what I have learnt ….. hmmmm, well I’ve met some nice people and some not so nice ones. Australians so far seem to be not quite as laid back as their as their reputation suggests, in fact I would tend to say that I have met some incredibly self-centered people here! They call the English wingeing pommies, but I must say the Aussies moan about absolutely everything. They do seem to have a bit of a chip on their shoulder about the British, I guess it’s probably because they are largely ignored by the rest of the world. Backpackers are a mixed bunch too, sworn to fun and loyal to none I would say. By far the nicest and most friendly people I have met have been travelers from Germany, France, Canada and of course Japan …. some of the English I have met have been ok too … but in general esp. the males, all they seem to do while traveling is move from hostel to hostel up the East coast drinking as much as they can every night until their money runs out and then going home (oh maybe they will occasionally take the odd excursion, ie a booze cruise in the whitsundays. They then of course go home to tell their friends that they have ‘done’ Australia. Anyway those are just my observations. The good news from here is that me and Yuko have found our own little flat down in st Kilda and move on Saturday … Yay!! On a sadder note, its a great shame that we have lost Steve Irwin …. love him or hate him, he really was one of a kind and will never be replaced.

About Andrew

I'm an English teacher living in Japan, 7 years and counting.
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