Well Shanghai turned out to be a very pleasant surprise (no pun related to a certain 80’s film) and a lot of fun. From the moment I arrived I was faced with Taxi drivers who didn’t know where my hotel was and drove about like maniacs. Hardly anyone seemed to speak more than a few words of English which actually made things even more challenging and fun. The first restuarant i went to sold Pigs stomach, jelly fish and stewed fishheads, now normally I will give pretty much anything a try but….my western appitite was not feel that brave, I did have some really nice food though and didn’t suffer any ill effects which is always a worry if you have another long flight to take  .The city itself is huge and apprently the second largest in Asia, it was really interesting seeing modern Shanghai and moving on to old Shanghai where I saw the amazing Yu gardens I never had much of a plan so wandered until it got dark, along the the Hunangpu River and the bund which is the famous waterfront area. Anyway lots of great shopping an cool places to see a really nice place for a stopover from Australia especially if like me you find long flights unbearable. Oh, if you do go …. don’t bother with the bund tourist tunnel it was a bit rubbish to tell the truth, just a tunnel full of lasers and flashing lights that goes under the river it cost 30 Yuan, the ferry cost 2 yuan and was much more interesting.

About Andrew

I'm an English teacher living in Japan, 7 years and counting.
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