Internet & Interviews

Well its been a while since my last entry and things are going a bit better – I had a job interview with the Environment Agency here and am waiting to hear how that went. I’ve also now got my computer hooked back up to the internet so no there is no more hanging around in dingy internet cafes spending all my cash (btw make sure you never use Jetta to get stuff shipped, they almost totally smashed my PC to bits).  A couple of weeks back now a kind person also desided to kick the door on the passenger side of my car in, which is kind of typical of my luck. Thinking now that it might be a good time to start to think about getting rid of the car, I have hardly used it lately. Not much other news…..well actually I have met a really nice girl called Yuko, she is from Japan and is doing a nursing transfer course here, and is well a really great person. So I am trying to learn a bit of Japanese although it does seem to be a case of in one ear and out the other at the moment. Yuko recently had a trip home and brought me a pair of Geta back (I guess they are like wooden soled flip-flops) anyway they are pretty cool although very noisy just about impossible to walk in.  Attached is a photo of us out on another drunken night in Fitzroy.


About Andrew

I'm an English teacher living in Japan, 7 years and counting.
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2 Responses to Internet & Interviews

  1. Miss says:

    Ahhhh how cute you two are. I\’m glad to hear you\’re finally settling down in Melbourne. I hope you hear back from this job interview you went on.
    Things are good here. Like you I\’ve got to find work now. My contract with the school ends in about 5 weeks so I\’ve got to find something before than. Pete and I are doing awesome. We\’re moving in together in September. This will be the first guy I live with who isn\’t a friend but more way more than that.
    Keep up the posts!!
    Kisses and all that good stuff

  2. Annette says:

    Yuko looks very pretty Andy

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