Melbourne and a place to live

I’m moving into a shared house in a few days time and although my room is a bit on the small side but the people I am moving in with seem really nice, they are a pretty mixed bunch – a Maths teacher from Africa who grows chilli plants in the back garden (apprently they are the most powerful chillis in the world), a Japanse Nurse who has been training here, an Australian guy who I am not really sure what he does and another person who moves in a couple of weeks time (and who got the room that I really wanted grrrr).젨The area itself is in Fizroy and is close to the Musem, Imax cinema, Exhibiton site where they are currently holding the Australian Flower and Garden show and 2 really large parks, Carlton (right opposite the house) and Fizroy gardens, which have excellent paths for skateboarding on 🙂 There seems to be quite a lot going on in Fizroy park for free and I watched a really good Jazz band there last time I was in Melbourne. The house itself was built in about 1880 so is pretty interesting.

Just around the corner from me is a street called Johnson Street which has a lot of Spanish, Portugese, and Mexican retuarants and bars – we spent Friday in a Flamenco bar which was pretty cool although we missed the band. The street links up with Brunswick St. which is a really nice area full of yet more small bars, restuarants, coffee shops, book and clothing shops. There are apperently 170 languges spoken in Melbourne and 70 different types of restuarants, i wouldn’t be surprised if you could find most of them on brunswick. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, there are so many buskers, musicians and people in Brunswick street that the whole place is like a carnival. Another great thing is there is live music going on in most of the bars, swing, blues, Jazz anything you could want really. The other side of the Museam is Lygon Street which is full of Italian retuarants and yet more small Cafes and bars. About a ten minute walk away is China Town which has just about every type of Asian resturant you can think of, I am thinking of having a look around to see if there are any Kendo clubs, its something I have always fancied having a go at. We have just had the Grand Prix of course but next week is a big Comedy festival which should be fun.

My landlord is a Biochemistry Lecturer at the University and said that he has a contact that may be able to help me to get a job here, its something to do with testing for Legionaires Disease in the Hospitals. He is seem pretty cool with people comeing to stay although only for a fews days, but just a bit further up the road is a Hostel called the Hub which seems pretty good if anyone wants to stay around for longer and there is a tram outside that goes pretty much directly into the centre of the city. I have also applied for a job as an environmental health officer which might be interesting. And should be getting an Australian drivers licence soon, it was really good news that I won’t have to take a test for it, which was something I was worrying about.

I’m still missing Adelaide a bit because I made so many good friends there but I’m hoping to see them again before too long. Have attached a few photos from Adelaide and the Journey though the Grampian Mountains the Great Ocean road ….. and yeah sorry Mark G we went to Bells beach and it had the best surf I have ever seen.


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I'm an English teacher living in Japan, 7 years and counting.
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    why not have two pints of lager and a packet of crisps in my virtual bar? drinks are on the house (as they lack reality)

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