Alice Springs

We arrived in Alice after only 3 days of driving, but we still got to see quite a bit of stuff, but only one more piece of giant fruit (a Mango). I have already travelled from Townsville to the Barkly Road House before so was keen to push on (hence one 11 hour driving stint), we spent the night at the roadhouse and had a couple of drinks in the bar. The senery along the Barkly Highway in places is superb really opening up in places and it was surprisingly still very green from the rains. We passed though a number of small towns  Charters Towers, Mont Isa, Conclurry, Camowell and others I have completely forgoten the names of although all really quite historic fronter towns. At Tennent Creek we had an impromptu didge lesson from on of the Aborigines. After Tennant Creek we visited a place called the devils Marbles, where a lot of the boulders have been carved by the weather into, yes you guessed it large marble shaped boulders . One of the more interesting/weird places was Wycliff Well which is the UFO centre of Australia – apprently there are always UFOs flying around the place. I spoke to the owner of the roadhouse who was a bit of a strange type and seems to think that the place is criss crossed with lay-lines and that the goverment know all about it but won’t admit to the exsitance of little green men … we didn’t see any, well apart from the  fiberglass ones outside the garage. We did see a brown snake though the first one I have seen in Australia, apprently they can give you a bit of a nasty bite. So here we are in Alice it’s a pretty hot place at the moment, temperatures up to about 40oc. Last night we went to the Milky Way cafe outside of the town and got given another tour of the night sky by a weirdo, there do seem to be a few round here.

About Andrew

I'm an English teacher living in Japan, 7 years and counting.
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