Well we finally escaped Bryron and headed out North via Nimbin a strange town where everyman and his dog stop you on the street and try to sell you weed, it seems that Nimbin is largely ignored by the athorities for some reason. We drove along the Goldcoast which was built up and quite horrible really, Mark went Surfing at Surfers Paridise until being told by a lifeguard that being in the water wasn’t a good idea because of the sharks.  After a few pretty uneventful days in Brisbane Staying with Mel (Fee’s) sister, we pushed on again. Brisbane was pretty boring all things considered. We did the usual Botanical Garden, Museam and Town walkabouts and didn’t find much interesting to see. The trip up from Brisbane was a lot better, we walked in some of the amazing glasshouse mountains. We then visited the famous Australian Zoo, Steve Irwin’s place, although we didn’t see Steve. It was ok, but there were a few animal "shows’ which made the place feel more like a circus than a Zoo. We are now in Noosa which is a beautiful (but expensive) place and hope to meet up with Fee in a couple of days since Mel tells us she is flying over from Jersey. The beaches here are great although there are a lot of Blue Bottles a type of Jellyfish in the water which puts you off swimming a bit.
Attached photo is of a Huntsman spider found in my car, this one was about the size of my hand…..we bravely knocked it off the car with an umberella.

About Andrew

I'm an English teacher living in Japan, 7 years and counting.
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One Response to Noosa

  1. Miss says:

    Wow, that spider is bigger than the one\’s I battled in China…and probably more deadly!!
    How are things with you babe?? I hope good….Things are fantastic with me!!

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