Great Ocean Road and Melbourne

The Great Ocean road was as beautiful as expected and we saw all the famous sights…unfortunately at the 12 aposells the guy standing next to me desided to commit suicide, pushed me out of the way climbed over the barrier at the veiwing platform and jumped of the cliff into the sea. we had to give statements to the police, they still hadn’t found his body when we left.  It was probably on of the strangest days of my life, the rest of the trip to Melbourne thankfully was pretty uneventful.
We arrived on Australlia day which was quite disapointing, I though there were going to be big street parties everwhere but it was pretty quiet really.
The backpakers here is really nice and it was great to meet up with Stephane and Katie who I had travelled from Broome to Perth and Albany with. They are doing really well although the fires in the Grampians prevented them from visiting the National parks there. The best thing though was meeting up with Mark and old friend from Jersey who just arrived in Melbourne from New Zealand … I am now thinking of extending my travel plans so we can see some of the East coast together.
Melbourne is a very cool place, we spent the day just wandering round and taking in the atmosphere. Visiting the markets, museam of the moving image and even the casino where I wasted $1. Tommorow is Chinese New Year so we are heading out to Chinatown.

About Andrew

I'm an English teacher living in Japan, 7 years and counting.
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