I’ve finally made it to South Australia and am in Adelaide at the moment which is probably the nicest most laid back city I have ever visited, the weather is beautiful which is a big change from the last few weeks. The journey here was fun, we started from Albany and headed North to Hayden to see Wave rock which is…yep just a big rock that looks like a wave. After that we visited a couple of ghost towns which were pretty strange, completely deserted old buildings in the middle of nowhere that you can just wander around, a great place to make a horror film, it was like the set of the film Wolf Creek. After that we headed down to  Esperance which was beautiful even though the weather was cold and rainy, had a walk along Lucky bay which has been voted the best beach in Australia. After Esperance was a rather long and boring drive though the Nullabour desert, the campsites which were generally just at the side of the road were plagued by ants, flys, mice and where there were toilets redback spiders, we stayed one night at an old rodeo ground which had centipedes crawling around by our feet, not much fun since they are pretty poisonous I think. But the worst thing was probably the roadtrains driving past every hour or so and shaking you awake, once we had reached civilisation again we were all issued with certificates to say that we had survived the drive. In Adelaide it was great to meet up with Holgar who I first meet 6 years ago in New Zealand, he is going to be traveling with us. Anyway the next stop is Kangaroo island and then Melbourne where you will all be pleased to hear I will be looking for a job. Still getting on really well with the others, tehy are a great bunch and we have had a lot of fun so far…..although at times things can feel a little rushed.

About Andrew

I'm an English teacher living in Japan, 7 years and counting.
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