Staying in Albany town centre again in backpackers at the moment, the lady I was working for needed a bit of a rest because  her chemotherapy is taking a lot out of her….can’t say I really enjoy staying at Backpackers after all this time, dorms arn’t much fun, especially when you are on a top bunk by a door. I spent the day visiting all the places I haven’t seen yet like the Salmon Holes and Blowholes which were pretty scary, they weren’t blowing water but the noise they made was awesome when I got too close (ok I stumbled on them and got the fright of my life). I also went to a whaling museam which was interesting, it stopped opperating as a whale processing centre in 1978 (the last one in Australia), some of the old video footage was pretty gory but it was fasinating all the same. In the afternoon I went up to the windfarm and walked around all the wind generators, I think they are quite elegant things. Well tonight is NYE and there are a few bands and a fireworks display for free down at the waterfront so I think I will check that out. Happy New Year.

About Andrew

I'm an English teacher living in Japan, 7 years and counting.
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