Merry Christmas

Well it was a good Christmas here in Albany, the people I am staying with put on a very nice Christmas dinner just like back home.
Yesterday I fitted new locks to the car to repair the ones the thieves had broken back in Darwin, it won’t be long until I start getting into some bigger towns and I really can’t take any risks. Really starting to want to move on again now…….
Weather nice here but not too hot, I haven’t done a great deal. But there is a beautiful river called the Kalgan on 5 minute walk away and I have been canoeing on there the last couple of days, the section I go on is only about 10km there and back which takes me a couple of hours but it is really peaceful and there are a couple of places that are also nice for swimming. There is also a walk here that I might do at some point it is called the Luke Penn walk and is fairly well known around here.

About Andrew

I'm an English teacher living in Japan, 7 years and counting.
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One Response to Merry Christmas

  1. Miss says:

    Merry Christmas to you too babe….glad to see you\’re having fun…..i\’m jealous right now. I should be travelling around again!! Soon Veronica soon! Ohhhh and while getting ready to send christmas cards off again this year i stumbled upon your addy in Jersey!!

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