Well its been a cool few days, we saw another 2 caves at Margret River (Lakes and Jewel caves) which were amazing. We then passed though some interesting little towns like Pemberton and Denmark which were nice places although we weren’t able to stop for long before coming to the treetop walk. The walk was excellent although the platforms were a lot more wobbly than I thought they would be, we did the walk twice (in the rain) before heading down to ground level for another look at the giant Tingle and Karri trees.
I had to say goodbye to Katie this morning who is heading back to Perth for Christmas, but we will more than likely meet up again in Adelade or Melbourne at some point. Later today I am starting work at a farm which should hopefully be fun, there are some good walks and cannoeing nearby.I’m planning on staying there until after Christmas and cooling my heels for a while. Nothing to do with the fact that there is a big Jazz and Blues festival here on the 7th of Jan. Did I meantion it is cold and rainy down here… a big difference from up North, starting to think that I may have come south too early. Have plenty more photos which I will put up soon.

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I'm an English teacher living in Japan, 7 years and counting.
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One Response to Albany

  1. karen says:

    hey, great site you got here, dont change the name "love the programme"!!!! just been reading bout your travels, keep it up and have a great time, merry christmas, bye

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