Pinnicle Desert & Perth

Well we finally arrived in Perth last night, it seems like a nice city although I haven’t seen much of it yet. Hard to belive it is the most remote city in the world. I think we will probably only stay here a couple of days and then head to Margrett River via freemantle. Its quite a culture shock coming back into a big city the rest of the West coast is pretty empty. I will probably try to get work either there or in Albany for Christmas. I met the sister of the guy that made the film Wolf Creek the other day so think I am going to go and see it while I am here. I changed my swag for one with a fly net before I left, call me a wimp but I couldn’t shake the feeling that there were spiders and insects crawling on me in the night 🙂 and once you have seen the size of the spiders here you will know that its something you generally avoid.
Well spent the day before at the Pinnicle Desert in Cervantes which was a pretty amazing place, strange limestone pillers, it was like an alien landscape. There were also some more stomatolite although they weren’t as impressive as those at the Hamilton Pool.
Hmmm, haven’t written anything about the Hutt River province …… ok, well it was an interesting place, the prince showed us round and even put on his full royal garb for photos… a strange place indeed.

About Andrew

I'm an English teacher living in Japan, 7 years and counting.
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