Karinjinni Park and Turtles

Well the last week has been pretty interesting, just spent the last few day exploring the gorges in the Karinjini National Park, it was really beautiful and there were amazing places to swim – we actually did one of the grade 6 canyoning routes which was a lot of fun, although the water was pretty cold. I think that the small gorges are much nice to walk and visit than places like the Katherine gorge… which is well, pretty impressive but only because of it size. On the way out of the park I shreaded my first tyre on a dirt road and then discovered I had lost my wheel brace so couldn’t change it. We had also forgotten to pick up more water, so only had 10 litres (normally I have 50) between 4 of us. But it all worked out ok in the end we just camped the side of the road and flagged down the first truck which arrived about 14 hours later. At the moment I am in Exmouth and the trip down along the Ningaloo reef looks like it will be amazing, last night I was sat on the beach sharing some goon (cheap wine) with some Irish people and a huge green turtle came out of the sea made its way up the beach and laid some eggs, I was flat laying on the sand quite close watching it and it came close enough for me to touch on its way back to the sea. I went out and bought some snokling gear today, the reef here is really shallow and is meant to be amazing. Also saw my first Emu and Australian Sheep at the campsite this morning.

About Andrew

I'm an English teacher living in Japan, 7 years and counting.
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