Bungle Bungles

Well we head off though the Kimberlys today which is good news. Spent my birthday in the Bungle Bungles which are a huge rock formation in a national park about 300 km South of here. Did a 3 very short walks, one though a chasm which was very cool. The temperature in the National Park gets up to 49 degrees during the day so walking is pretty difficult after 10am. Sarah didn’t come with us and got a one night job in Kunanara, she basically had to walk round at some function at the golf club in a bicinni and flash her breasts at the punters. She made $600 for the night, basiclly there are 5 men to every woman here so I guess they are happy to pay for that sort of thing. unfortunately she was a bit pissed and brought some people back with her which kind of ruined my birthday celibrations although I don’t think she intended to.
I’ve been quite down over the last couple of days, i guess the business with the car being robbed and having to get the brakes fixed is still playing on my mind.

About Andrew

I'm an English teacher living in Japan, 7 years and counting.
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One Response to Bungle Bungles

  1. Miss says:

    Happy belated birthday babe…didon\’t know it was your birthday I would have ummm i don\’t know….at least given you an e-card!Keep safe and happy travelling!

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