Lichfield and Kakadu (and thieves)

Ok so the trip didn’t start off so well, we stopped at a supermarket at 11:30 to buy some provisions and I had my car broken into. They took just mine and Cynhia’s rucksacks, i was pretty gutted lost both my cameras, penknive, alarmclock, leatherman and a book that I was half way though – but the worst think is that I lost all the photos and video clips that I had taken so far and those can’t be replaced 🙂 Cynthia also lost 2 cameras and a phone. Tim is now going to be group photographer until we get to Broome.
Lichfield was a very beautiful but small national park, we did a fair amount of walking and as usual a fair bit of swimming. I had cut my foot and too my anoyance was getting bitten by fish with stopped me from really enjoying Florance Falls but we were ok swimming at a stop called blueys where I saw a Gowana. The campsite was a 4 wheel drive one so we had it completly to ourselves which was cool. On the way out we stopped at the magnetic termite mounts which look a lot like huge gravestones.
On the way to Kakadu we stopped at a Crocodile farm for feeding time, seeing a 5 metre croc eating a chicken was pretty awesome.
At Kakadu we visited a rock at gallery and sat watching the sun set looking across a huge plain, I will hopefully post some photos before too long (once Tim has made me a CD).
The next day we had some pretty tough 4wd driving to get to Jim Jim and Twin falls, but it was well worth it. Jim jim was a great place to swim and although the waterfall wasn’t flowing the 200 meter wall of rock above you was impressive enough. I was watching a Monitor lizard on the bank for ages but couldn’t entice it in for a swim. We also met some real nice people up there who have told me how to filet a kangaroo in case I hit another.
So at the moment we are back in Kathrine, I am having some repairs made to the car and then its off though the  Kimberlys which should be amazing. Although it 42 oc there at the moment, so probably the hotest weather I will ever have been exposed too. Campsite here is great it has a pool and Jakkuzi so we have been doing quite a bit of swimming.
We need to move pretty fast now because the wetseason and the big tropical storms are almost here. I don’t want to get stuck in the middle of the Kimberlys.

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One Response to Lichfield and Kakadu (and thieves)

  1. Miss says:

    Oh dear…those evil hooligan theifs…i hate when that happens…although…when the thiefs broke into my car it wasn\’t for my CD\’s or CD player in my car…no no…the lovely little crack addicts took my car spray freshner….like seriously…you would think crack addicts would take CD\’s and my stereo so that they could pawn it off at some pawn store and get enough money to keep them high for at least 2 days….but alas all they took was my air freshner spray. Silly crack heads!Either way…that\’s sucky abotu things being stolen.I hope you are well sweets…I do miss our conversations….i guess the best way to keep up with each other is through our blogs because I really an never online when you are!Hugs and Kisses and all that fun stuff. Will be heading to your side of the planet soon enough…well end of contract that is!

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