Magnetic Island to Darwin

Ok this was an epic trip and i will add more soon but fast running out of internet time.

Finally got to Darwin today – the trip took us 7 days because we stopped off at a couple of places for longer. I’m travelling with a girl called Sarah who has been great company and we’ve had quite a laugh, yesterday we got a bit drunk and were feeding roo’s at a campsite, I got bitten 3 times but not badly. Sarah also got scratched by a possum but is showing no signs of Rabies yet. We have done quite a bit of swimming in the springs on the way up and had a walk in the Kathrine gorge today, the temperature was due to reach 40 so we started at 7am and finished about 10. Anyway, going to be hanging arround here for a couple of days and will then do a couple of side trips to Kakadu and Lichfield parks before heading across to Broome, we are both thinking about working at a cattle station for a while but I need to learn how to ride first. Camping has been great too, I bough a hammock yesterday and we saw a small tropical storm…..well i missed most of it because I was haveing some drinks with the locals in one of the roadhouses. I ran over a Kangeroo in the car a couple of days back which wasn’t nice and we had to go back and run it over twice more because it wouldn’t die. We also had Roo steaks that night but from a supermarket (tastes like lamb).

Ok how weird is this, Sarah and I have Just worked out that we met before at a conferance I went to with a girlfriend 8 years ago! We both when to the same workshop on Genetic Engineering. I was thinking for ages that I recognised her from somewhere.


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One Response to Magnetic Island to Darwin

  1. Miss says:

    Crazy you are. That\’s neat about your friend Sarah. Moments like that make you think about how small the world really is. Like the time my best friend was in Paris and at the Eiffle tower ran into a friend from High School….or my roommate in China….while we were in Beijing partying it up with the Aussie and Canadian embassies she ran into someone from her home town of Raymore which is ohhhhhh a whole wopping 1000 people. SO yeah makes you want to break out in song and dance. It\’s a small world after all!Glad to hear that roo taste yummy. I wondered about it. However, not sure I could bring myself to eat it. I probably would if you told me it was "steak" not "roo steak"……that\’s how you get me to try new things. Like goose. I love goose, albeit extremely greasy, it is quite tasty. My aunt told me it was turkey…i ate it, afterwards she informed me I just had goose. I\’d eat it again!And on an unrelated note, Lawn Bowling is a real man\’s sport. We\’ve got a lovely little field just down the road from us and you should see those seniors go at it. Tough competition that game!!

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