Death Adders and Crazy Old Men

Went for a walk today with Sandra Mike’s girlfriend, she is working on magnetic Island until she meets up with him in Thailand in six weeks. We decided to walk to some old forts on the Island because the are the best place to see Koalas, well I expected there were snakes here, just because they generally seem to be everywhere. So we didn’t really think much about it when we passed the signs warning us about the Death Adders (they are meant to be nocternal). So half way up to the forts a guy comes down and say’ "Hey if you are going up there watch out for the snakes" after which he explained he had seen a couple at the forts and on the path. Well that was kind of enough walking for me that day, call me a coward but I really don’t want to meet up with any animals with the word "Death" in their title.

So we decided to have a walk along Horseshoe bay and eventually came to a small boat house which we wre admiring. This old guy who was living there invited us onboard to have a look. Well he turned out to be a bit mad I think, not dangerous or anything just a bit crazy – explaining his theorys on life the universe and everything. After about 30minutes we managed to escape, I guess the poor old fellow (who told us he had fallen on his head from 30feet) was just a bit lonely.

Last night I heard that a crocodille had been seen by someone snorkling off our beach, not really sure if it was true, but its quite possible with us being only 8km from Townsville, I’ve heard that they sometimes do swim hundreds of km. Today on the radio we were also told if we were going swimming to take 2 litres of vinegar with us for Jellyfish stings. The Jellyfish season is not ment to start until November but I guess they are being cautious incase of early ones. Man I wish there were less stinging biting things around sometime, kind of does make you a bit paranoid sometimes. Picked up a really good second-hand canvas tent and Esky todayfor $35 – the tent needs some minor repairs but will be perfect for the Darwin trip, I just need to get a stove and a few pans now.


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I'm an English teacher living in Japan, 7 years and counting.
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One Response to Death Adders and Crazy Old Men

  1. Miss says:

    Wow, Aussieland just seems to be getting more dangerous in my books…I\’m all for the adventure. Whooo hooooo……i love snakes and crocs and mad men. They always make live sooooo much more interesting.Glad to hear you are having quite the adventure dear. This whole time change thing sucks for us as you are never online when I\’m online so we don\’t get to have our little chats like we use to. I guess keeping update via each others space is what we will have to do until I get over to your side of the planet which now looks like summer with the extension on the school contract. So yeah for you and yeah for me!!Hugs and kisses and all that silly stuff!

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