Laura and Palmer River

Well just got back to Cairns again after a good few days away, luckilly I did get back because the breaks on the car are feeling a bit strange. Anyway I took it back to the garage and they are going to fix it because it’s still under warrenty, so I will be here again for the next few days.
Had a cool time in Cooktown, very relaxing after Cairns – sat eating fish and chips by the sea and watching the fishing mad locals as the sun went down. Walked to a place called Grassy Hill where Captain Cook had once stood when his boat had sprung a leak and had to be beached for repairs…yes I also went to the James Cook Museam which was pretty cool and got me out of the sun for a while. The place has a huge history and was a big settlement for gold miners originally.
After Cooktown I headed to a place called Laura along the Battle Creek road, it was an horrendous corrogated road that ran for about 130 km to Laura which is a tiny town but kinda cool, I was going to stay but decided to push on for Lakeland Downs. Saw my first snakes on the road they were road kill but still pretty big, only had to do one more Creek crossing and it went fine this time. Some of the dry riverbeds were really wide and deep, the place must be impassible in the wetseason. 
On the way to Lakeland I stopped at a place called  Spilt Rock which has a wall full of Abborinal paintings that are 20,000 years old. It was only a 30 minute walk to split rock but was quite hard work, since after having seen  the snakes I was now having to work twice as hard being on the lookout for them. Every lizard was starting to make me jump. The whole place was deserted when I got there, the paintings were still very clear – most of them appeared to be of people jumping around and having a good time, there were paintings of animals which weren’t so clear (i would liked to have taken photos but they don’t like it and I didn’t want the wrath of the sprits on me). I am betting the the Aboriginals invented alcohol before paint brushes.
At Lakeland Downs I couldn’t get a place to stay so ended up travelling to the famous Palmer River Roadhouse (didn’t want to drive in the dark beacuse of the risk of hitting a kangarroo), had a nice meal there and ended up camping, the locals were quite reserved but friendly enough, the barmaid was from Wales, I’ve no idea what bought her to a place like Palmer river which is miles from anywhere. From Lakelands is normal road it was a 3 hour drive to Cairns, I saw an amazing amount of road kill including a cow with no head.
Not sure where I will head next, maybe Darwin.

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I'm an English teacher living in Japan, 7 years and counting.
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  1. Nick says:

    Most interesting stuff. Keep up the good work, chap.

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