Finally got out of Cairns and arrived in Cooktown today – It was quite an adventure just getting here, I decided to take the coastal road which for 100km isn’t sealed, its just a dirt track that you can only drive on in a 4×4, anyway I managed to get stuck in the centre of the first creek I tried to drive though, luckily enough someone was passing and told me that I had forgoten to lock the wheel hubs to put the car in 4 wheel drive mode. After I locked those it was fine, but the next 2 hours must have been the steepest and most bumpy pot-holed track I had ever seen in my life, a very narrow road with just the rain forest either side. There were only a couple of other creeks but the coast road at  least must be impassible in the wet season. Every so often I passed though a little Aboriginal community in what seemed to be the middle of nowhere, there were signs up saying that no Alcohol was allowed in these areas so I guess alcohol much be a big problem. I also saw a bird that looked like an Ostridge but with amazing blue feathers and a kind of boney crest on its head, I can’t remember what they are called but I think they are quite rare. Anyway the car now looks much better covered with red mud.
After a while I came to a pub called The Lion, it was nice to have a beer – the pub was something like you might see in a movie, it even had a collection of preserved snakes and spiders in jars. But the people were nice and I ended up chatting to a couple from Sydney.
Cooktown itself is very relaxing after Cairns, it’s historically the first place Captain Cook landed in 1770 and also was a gold rush town. The locals here are all mad about fishing it seems there were quite a few of them on the pier when I arrived. I’m staying at a place Pams place were the owner seems to have a thing about birds, there are quite a few including a Parott thing outside my door. Had dinner at the local Lawn Bowls club tonight, a local fish called Grunter but tasted a lot like Cod really. Went for a bit of a walk but kind of gave up on it when I saw the crocodille warning signs. Might stay up he for a couple of Days and head to a Town called Laura next. Would love to go to Cape York but I’m really not equiped for it. Have also written off about a Job in South Gipsland, its just really water testing but it could be a good job to get me started here.

About Andrew

I'm an English teacher living in Japan, 7 years and counting.
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