Hong Kong

Well I’ve been in Hong Kong for 3 days now and I’m really enjoying it. The 12 hour flight wasn’t as bad as I expected although I was a little upset about having to send my guitar back to Gosport because it turned out when I checked in at Heathrow my baggage was overweight.  I guess I will just have to buy a cheap one in Australia. Anyway having a good time here, have just really been doing a lot of sightseeing over the last few days. I  haven’t done any treking yet because it’s so hot, 32c and a humidity of 85%, but I have seen a lot of the sights and have finally found my bearings. I’ve taken the Star Ferry to Kowloon and after getting a little fed up with people trying to sell me fake Rolex watches visted a museam and the avenue of Stars, which I guess is a little like Hollywood boullivard except with the names of Chinese film stars, so if you were extremely sad you could put you hand in Jackie Chan’s hand print for instance. The first day Sean took me up to visit the Peak above HK which is the highest point on the island and some pretty spectacular views, unfortunately it was the day I forgot to bring my camera. Hong Kong is a pretty amazing place and very hard to describe, it’s extremely modern in many parts and yet still has a lot of old charm. On the whole I’ve enjoyed the food although I did have something called Congee with a 1000 year egg which was pretty revolting and i couldn’t eat it. Today I went to another island called Lan Tau and visited the giant bronze Budda statue there. I was good to get out of the city for a while, the transport system here is excellent so tommorow I’m heading to Macau on the Chinese peninsular – it was once a Portuguese enclave who were there 300 years before the British in Hong Kong (so say’s my guide book), it should be interesting. Sean tells me that the ratio of women to men here is something like 5-1, but I’m really not sure if he is pulling my leg or not. Three days left until I arrive in Cairns, Sunday is promising a Typhoon – I’m really hoping that it doesn’t hit early or I will be in for a really bumpy flight.

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I'm an English teacher living in Japan, 7 years and counting.
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2 Responses to Hong Kong

  1. Miss says:

    Hong Kong looks fun dear. I didn\’t get a chance to visit that area when I was in China but next time I\’m in asia I will visit. Doesn\’t help that people were not allowed in the country because of the whole SARS thing but next time hopefully no weird disease!!So yeah…..can\’t wait to make it to your side of the world…did I say that already? Hahaha…keep us posted of what goes on!Kisses dear! V

  2. Andrew says:

    I don\’t think SARS is much of a problem anymore, although there are still a few people wearing surgical masks like MJ.

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