London and Stuff

I’m now back from my short trip to London which was pretty uneventfully really. I left the train at Waterloo and walked to the Eye because I , well had a few hours to kill. I was immediatly pounced on by several groups of foriegn tourists who wanted me to take their photographs with Big Ben in the background (either I look trustworthy or so unfit that they had no fear of me running away with their cameras). I eventually escaped into the Satchi Galley to see the Salador Dali exhibition, which I thought was a bit ….well…..rubbish. But there again I’m not a bit art fan, I’ve been to the Tate Modern in Liverpool and London and although most of the stuff was interesting nothing really leapt out at me. The best Galley I have seen was in Sydney Harbour and had a load of contempory Japanese Art which was very cool. Anyway I’m beginning to see that there is a lot of money to be made in this modern art stuff, anyone want to comission me to create a range of giant plastic ferrets?
Finally I had an appointment in Great Portland Street to see a consultant about my back, I had a spinal fusion operation in 76 and 78 and haven’t had it checked for 20 years, it turned out everything was fine. I was able to ask quite a few questions too, but not really getting all the answers I had hoped for.
Last night I was watching the Cambridge folk festival on TV, it looked brillent, much better than WOMAD which I found slightly diasapointing.If I am back in the UK for next Summer it will defiantely be on my tick list, along with the Lamertree Festival – but really that goes without saying. I am going to check out what music festivals are on when I get to Australia, I guess it will be the festival time of year when I arrive there. Only six days until I leave for Hong Kong now.

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I'm an English teacher living in Japan, 7 years and counting.
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One Response to London and Stuff

  1. Miss says:

    I bet you\’re getting excited about leaving finally. I\’d be unable to sit still. I really really can\’t wait to get back out of this country. Not that Canada\’s a bad country and all but still…hahaha

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