Last entry for a while

Well I spent the day packing up the last of my stuff, apart from my PC which  will be going in a box very shortly. It’s all being shipped of to the UK tommorow (Monday).  So anyway, I will not have any access to a PC for a week or so which is going to to feel a bit wierd, I never normally seem to be too far from one these days. Not sure how I feel about leaving this little Island, I will probably miss the friends I have made here (the ones that are staying) – and well other than the traffic, housing and over population problems – there is some nice scenery.  The good news is I have finally desided which guitar to take (probably my hardest decision) …anyway its going to be the nylon strung one. Well thats about it …. next message will see me in the UK.

About Andrew

I'm an English teacher living in Japan, 7 years and counting.
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One Response to Last entry for a while

  1. Nick says:

    Ah, I knew you\’d go for the nylon baby. Good choice.

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